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Marketing Tech

Marketing technology is the blending of marketing and technology. No small to medium businesses today, can afford NOT to understand and integrate some form of digital technology into their business. In this segment we aim to demystify marketing technology for business, especially as it applies to major initiatives, efforts and tools that harness technology to achieve marketing goals and objectives.

Each week on Marketing Matters, Susan Werkner, Marketing Tech specialist, will provide a practical overview of how marketing technology can help your business become more efficient, competitive and profitable. Gathering relevant examples of tools and technologies that can help grow your business and keep you ahead of the game.  The segment provides a short “how to” on successfully integrating these technologies into your business.

For over 20 years Susan has specialised in digital marketing & corporate communications, working with over 100 listed companies helping them create successful and innovative digital communication strategies. A software innovator, Susan is the founder of Interactive Investor Pty Ltd that was launched with a global proprietary software for listed company reporting. Her experience spans New York, Hong Kong, Jakarta and Sydney. Susan is also a regular media contributor on Sky TV Technology in Business, AFR, BRW, AICD, presenter for ASX and Merrill Lynch and attends yearly marketing technology industry events in the US.

Susan Werkner B.Com, MBA, GAICD
Managing Director, CEO/Founder of Interactive Investor