Episode 26Advertising Week Special (Part 1)

Are you looking for any tips for weighing up your small and medium business? Do you feel confused about what your business should focus on? In this episode, our host, Peter Applebaum discussed about the topic with our guest, to give you the latest info about the marketing trend, which can assist your business to the way of success.

Marketing Panel

Matt Scheckner
Global CEO
Advertising Week

Jonathan Waecker
Chief Marketing Officer
The Warehouse Group

Kaylie Smith
Head of Small and Medium business
Facebook (Australia and New Zealand)

Drake Sutton
Founder and CEO
Prohbtd Media

Guest Key Takeouts

  • People all need knowledge, no matter what their business is. This pave the way forward.
  • The most important thing is you love what you are doing, passion will transcend. Any amount of marketing, whether digital or traditional doesn’t matter.
  • Creating value for consumer is something we should never neglect. People are getting more interested in value, so just do the best on it.
  • It is essential for us to take a long-term view. It’s not always about maximising profit today or tomorrow, you can build a product if you get the product right.
  • Targeting and mobile trends are definitely key trends for small to medium business to gain success.
  • To let employee become passionate, we have to start with open communication, and talk to your employees more.
  • Everything starts from simple.

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