Episode 18Win That Pitch!

Has your business spent hours getting a pitch together, only to have it turned down? This is the reality for many small businesses out there but it doesn’t have to be. Tonight’s episode reveals exactly what your business needs to do to Win That Pitch! Our expert panel discusses the most important strategies and insider knowledge when it comes to giving successful pitches.

Case study

What if there was an Airbnb, but for office space? Well, there is! Grant Philipp is the founder and CEO of Office Hub, a website for finding and listing serviced offices, shared office space and co-working space. Grant provides Peter with the inside scoop on winning pitches, both locally and globally.

Case Study Key Takeouts

  • The approach you take with your pitch will vary depending on who you are pitching to. You must ensure you understand your market and what works for them in terms of communication and products before you can create a successful and relevant pitch.
  • It is critical to be transparent and maintain trust when dealing with your clients, no matter who or where they are.
  • The best strategy to win a pitch is to “do your homework”. Understanding your audience and being organised is critical to the success of your pitch.

Marketing Panel

Grant Philipp
Office Hub

Michelle Joosse
Chief Operating Officer
Hotline IT

Andrew Klein
Chief Spike
Spike Presentations

Panel Key Takeouts

  • Target your marketing to businesses you know you can add value to. Understand their challenges and present solutions to them which can help to fix these issues they may be experiencing.
  • Small business often has an advantage when pitching to businesses. Majority of the time, the person doing the pitch is the owner and they have the most passion! This is a powerful tool in the success of your pitch.
  • There is no ideal way to structure a new business pitch. It will vary in each case and it is important that it does so to ensure that you are personalising each pitch to suit your audience.
  • The bulk of your pitch will happen before the pitch! Doing your research to understand the client is the most essential step to your pitch. Learn and listen to what they are asking for!
  • Simple is best when you are presenting your pitch. Do not bombard your audience with general information they can find online. The passion you have cannot be found online!
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is key! Get digital and learn how this can benefit your business.
  • The pitch is not always about selling. The pitch is about getting to know the customer and figuring out if the deal will be a good fit for both parties.

Caller Key Takeouts

“When I am being pitched to, how can I get the information I need to make an effective decision and make sure I am getting the best outcome for my business?” – Tony Karras

  • Give the people who are pitching to you less time! The message should be able to be communicated simply in a couple of minutes. By doing this, you can gauge the most critical parts of the pitch to make your decision.
  • The “pitcher” should have done their homework. Ask them to tell you what YOU do and what YOUR business is about. If they don’t know, they are more interested in the sale than you!

Tony Karras 
General Manager
Advangen International

“How can a smaller company win business contracts against larger competitors without eating into their profit margin?” – Lisa De Leon

  • The small size could be your advantage! You can capitalise on the fact that you are a small business by being more hands on and making the pitch more personal.
  • Be nimble, quick and ambitious! If you do all of that and really well, you will succeed.

Lisa De Leon
Registered Migration Agent
Australian Visa Options

Marketing Tech Key Takeouts

How video can fire up your business

  • Consumers love watching video! 98% of internet users say that they have watched a marketing sales video to learn more about a product before deciding to buy.
  • Video helps with SEO. This will help with getting the attention and clicks of potential customers.
  • Videos can be made for free, even on your smart phone!
  • Videos can help to build trust between you and your audience. The more they can engage with you, your personality and product, the more trust they will have in what you’re selling.
  • Software tools you can use to create your video include: Biteable, Promo or Magisto.
  • The most important tool when creating your video is AUTHENTICITY! Create a video which is engaging and provides ways your consumers can solve common problems will help to capture the hearts, minds and dollars of your customers!

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