Episode 13From Local to Global

You’ve achieved success in Australia and now it’s time to go global. This week’s episode divulges how small Australian-based businesses have taken their service to the international market and been successful. Peter, along with our expert panel, reveal the secret tips and tricks for international success and how to properly market your business on a global scale.

Case study

Greg Natale founded Greg Natal Designs in 2001, based in Sydney and is now an internationally recognised interior designer. Greg knew exactly when to take his business global and how to promote it in the new international market. Highly decorated both nationally and internationally, Greg is the prime example of a local business successfully going global.

Case Study Key Takeouts

  • Local success can hugely help to promote global success.
  • Collaborating with international brands can increase your abilities to “be everywhere”. This is a great way to enhance your growth.
  • Press locally and internationally goes hand in hand. Global press can assist you in your growth locally and vice versa.
  • Understand what you do and have a vision. This will help to structure and guide your growth globally.
  • Make sure your product is suitable for the global market and assess the competition which already exists.

Marketing Panel

Maria Halasz
CEO and Managing Director

David Landers
Head of Global Markets

Greg Natale
Greg Natale

Panel Key Takeouts

  • Seeking the advice of a business coach could hugely benefit you to understand the business and marketing strategies required to grow and expand globally.
  • Take risks, know your audience and have a plan!
  • Packaging and presentation of your products could vary between your local and global market. Seeking the advice of experts in that area about this will be critical to your sales and success.

Caller Key Takeouts

“What are some things to be weary of when going global?” – Tom Kleiner

  • Firstly you should assess what you have to offer to the global market and how it is competitive to what is already available.
  • Pay attention to two key things:
    • What is it going to cost?
    • How much of your time will it take?

Tom Kleiner
Balloon Saloon

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