Episode 1How to Beat the Big Boys

Savvy marketing can help you to achieve your objectives no matter how big – or small – you are. Want proof? We speak to a Vietnamese refugee turned children’s meal titan, a local plumber and a harbour cruise operator who have all succeeded despite being up against better resourced and established competitors.

Case study

Diem Fuggersberger successfully started the food flavour business Berger Ingredients in 2009. Not long after, she spotted a gap in the market which led her to establish Coco & Lucas, a range of healthy kids meals.

Diem has not only managed to successfully compete against bigger and more well-known competitors but also to work with them.

Case Study Key Takeouts

  • One of the biggest advantages a small business has is that it is nimble and can quickly adapt to consumer mood and feedback.
  • Unlike corporates, don’t focus on what competitors do but focus on what consumers want.
  • Before you get started, do your research very thoroughly.
  • Unlike larger competitors who often make products that fit their production line, focus on providing according to consumer trends and needs.
  • You can work with larger competitors by filling in a gap and offering what they don’t already have.

Marketing Panel

Kristian Liddiard
National Channel Director

Daniel Kepreotes
ADKO Plumbing Services

Amanda Townsend
Marketing Manager, Art Director
Sydney Harbour Escapes

Panel Key Takeouts

  • In order to create emotional engagement with your customers, humanise your brand.
  • The absence of a bad experience won’t make your customers loyal. Make your customers feel special.
  • Marketing is more than just advertising. It is the end-to-end experience a customer has in dealing with your company and brand and how you can influence it.
  • Nevertheless, advertising is a great way to expand your opportunities and reach beyond your network.

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