Episode 2The Power of Relationships

You can do without a lot of things and still do OK in business, but without strong personal relationships, it’s almost guaranteed that you won’t succeed. In this episode, you’ll hear from a range of experts who will tell you how to create relationships that can power your business and brands.

The Panel

Case study

Empower Construction, founded by Ryan Steyn, are experts in lightweight cladding. Some of the key factors that make the company successful is their brand promising quality and speed, word-of-mouth as well as their social media presence. They are also very successful in leveraging relationships to build their business.

Because of their approach of building partnerships with their customers and accompanying them along the way of their project, Empower Construction enjoys the trust of their customers enabling them to work together and solve potential issues much faster.

Case Study Key Takeouts

  • Let someone else tell your story. Awards are a great way of gaining recognition and building up a good reputation.
  • In order to leverage the power of relationships, they need to be authentic and ingrained in your company core values.
  • Know who you want to work with and who your ideal customer is in order to identify who to connect with.
  • Build a partnership with customers rather than only selling to them. That way you will get to know their needs much better and be of better service to them.
  • Connect not only with customers and prospects but also with suppliers and partners.

Marketing Panel

Matthew Ball
VP Small & Medium Business

Prue Cox
Director of Marketing Solutions

Tiffany Murray
Managing Director
Dressed for Sale

Panel Key Takeouts

  • When trying to establish a relationship with someone, don’t start with your end goal and what you want from the connection. Instead ask what you can bring to the table and what mutual gain looks like.
  • When contacting someone, be succinct in what you want. Tell them why you would appreciate to connect with them and what you can offer.
  • Referrals usually work better than cold calls. Use your network to receive introductions to the people you would like to meet.
  • To form relationships, ask yourself what is the authentic start point rather than the end point.
  • When connecting with well-known people, value yourself as an equal. Be brave – usually people respect other people backing themselves.
  • Be constant in building long-term relationships and find your own voice.

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