Episode 24Customer Experience

As we are currently in the situation of a buyers’ market, customers enjoy the advantage to be able to choose the best offering business. To win and bind customers, companies have to ensure to offer an enjoyable service. In the upcoming episode Peter Applebaum and the expert panel give advices to upgrade your business to a unique customer experience.

Case study

Dr David Hills is the founder of iNEEDa Dentist, an online platform designed for customers to compare local dentists and choose the best for themselves among them. The goal is to examine the different dentists with regard to the factor customer experience. As a result, customers have the opportunity to make even a visit to the dentist a pleasant experience. David provides insights into his knowledge about creating a comfortable business environment for customers.

Case Study Key Takeouts

  • Make all the interaction points between you and your business to a pleasant experience for the customer whether it’s the website or the physical space of your business.
  • Listen to your customers’ feedback and find out what motivates a customer to choose a certain business in your industry and improve your service based on that knowledge.
  • Provide the best resources, information and equipment to the stuff that deals with your customers to improve the service as best as possible.
  • Start to improve your service now as customer experience will become more and more an issue in every industry.

Marketing Panel

Raj Mendes
Managing Director
The Customer Experience Company

Dr. David Hills
iNEEDa Dentist

Mark Larner
Account Manager
Mood Media Australia

Panel Key Takeouts

  • The way that customers experience your business has a significant impact on your bottom line.
  • Creating a pleasant customer experience is a must-do to stay competitive.
  • Use easy ways to measure the effectiveness on your marketing investments such as word of mouth indication or counting new and active customers.
  • Create a unique customer experience that sets you apart from the competition and advertise that.
  • Don’t try to optimize the entire customer experience journey. Focus on the peak and the end and perfect those moments for your customers.
  • Creating an enjoyable experience for customers is an ongoing process as customers’ needs and tastes are changing permanently. Make sure that you adjust your business and services to these changes.

Caller Key Takeouts

“How can you identify what experiences have the greatest value for customers?” – Leon Goltsman

  • Keep it simple and observe customers while being served or just ask your customers about their feelings and experiences after you have served them.
  • Use your empathy and put yourself in the shoes of the customer.
  • Identify the most important sense to experience your offered product or service and adjust your customer experience strategy to that. A bakery for example should make sure that all the offered goods are looking and smelling fresh and appealing.

Leon Goltsman
Ecolibrium Headquarters Pty Ltd

“How can I improve my customers’ experiences in my practise?” – Dr Igor Mirkin

  • Especially for businesses which make an appointment to serve their customers it is important to be on time and to offer customer convenient appointemnets for example after work or Saturdays.
  • Focus on your location, your practise and your particular customer base. Understand their desires and needs and create those couple of moments which get your clients to stay true to your business.

Dr Igor Mirkin
Revive Australia

Marketing Tech Key Takeouts

How to get the LinkedIn advantage.

  • LinkedIn is one of the most powerful platform to connect your business with customers and influencers.
  • 65% of small business doesn’t have a LinkedIn presence yet.
  • LinkedIn members are 50% more likely to buy from you once they have engaged with your business on the platform.
  • Create a comprehensive personal profile that is up-to-date and use a photo that is no more than six month old.
  • Set up your company page to control your content and upload relevant articles that target your audience’s interest.
  • Create your own LinkedIn group that is relevant to your industry and position yourself as a thought leader.
  • Regularly update interesting and relevant content and comment on other’s posts.
  • Add links, images and also video to your posts and page to increase the engagement with your profile.
  • Build your network by inviting people to connect you and using the Sales Navigator find and engage with the right people.

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